Who we are

Take a lot of passion, add an infinite amount of love, sprinkle it with a pinch of madness and blend it all with a lots and lots of energy… This is the beginning of a magical story.. Mimi & Cocó Trast

What we do

In the heart of Rome in Trastevere another star of style and good taste, in a 18th century building in between a spritz or a glass of Prosecco a place where you can relax sipping on a Mojito & Carbonara.. 
perched on the verge while the Roman Movida flows happily and loudly in front of you.. this is Rome ! Her narrow streets, cobblestones and you, your drink and pure Happiness…


Where we are

Mimi e Cocò Trast

Mimì e Cocò Trast – wine bar
Via della Scala, 1 Roma, Italia